The 2012 Midpoint Series

The week of June 25th, 2012 marked The Midpoint in 2012, a benchmark that reminds us 50% of the year has gone by, and we still don’t see anything approaching 50% representation of women’s accomplishments in Google Doodles. To acknowledge this benchmark and to try to bring some more attention to this cause, Speaking Up hosted a special series of posts over the course of the week, called The Midpoint Series. The blog featured special content and lots of guest posts, highlighting more Doodle-Worthy Women and their amazing achievements.

Below, check out the posts that appeared as part of The 2012 Midpoint Series, and help us spread the word so that Google hears our message: You can do better.

Posts in The 2012 Midpoint Series:

Speaking Up Posts

Guest Posts: Special Topics

Guest Posts: Doodle-Worthy Women

22 thoughts on “The 2012 Midpoint Series

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