Midpoint Series: Thanks & a Major Milestone

This Speaking Up post is part of the 2012 Midpoint Series. See all of the posts in the series here.

The week that marks the halfway point in the year, and the 2012 Midpoint Series along with it, has come to an end.

Thank you to all of the amazing guest bloggers and contributors to the series, who made this effort possible. Thank you also to everyone who helped me spread this message through your tweets, Facebook posts, and emails, and welcome to all of the new readers who have joined us this week. I hope you’ll stick with us as Speaking Up continues this effort!

During this week, Speaking Up For Us also hit a major milestone: the number of women we’ve profiled is now greater than the number of women Google Doodles have honored or recognized. Over the first half of 2012, we’ve responded to each of the 16 male-focused Doodles posted in the U.S.; we’ve nominated Doodle-worthy women; and, of course, many of the posts that were part of the milestone series focused on Doodle-worthy women, too.

When you count up every birthday Doodle they’ve ever posted in any country around the world, you get a list that includes only 36 female Doodle honorees (representing about 12.5% of all Doodles). In total, Speaking Up has highlighted, just in the last six months, more women than Google Doodles have ever recognized. So while Google may be promoting the absurd notion that, throughout all of history, only 36 women have made a mark on the world, we’re absolutely demolishing that idea.

We’ve shown that the pool of amazing, talented, creative and innovative women goes much deeper than Doodles have been acknowledging — and we’re just getting started.


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