I’m Not the Only One Who’s Noticing . . .

One of the great tools that a WordPress blog offers is the ability to see the search terms that are bringing people to your site. So far, every new reader who has found me has landed here through a Google search or a Twitter link. But what is more interesting, I think, is that the actual search terms make it clear that I’m not the only one who’s noticed that there’s something going on with the gender distribution of Google Doodles. Here’s a smattering of the top searches bringing people to Speaking Up For Us:

Common Search Terms from Google

I ended up concerned about this in much the same way. After years of looking at Google Doodles, I just started to feel like something was a bit off. After doing some poking around on the internet, I found some resources that looked deeper into the gender distribution of Google Doodles. As the search results above show, though, the situation hasn’t improved in the years that have passed since, and each new Doodle leaves some people with the feeling that they’re being left out. Hopefully more people will take notice, and potentially even Google themselves.


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